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Areas of Expertise


Penguin physiotherapy uses a patient focused model of care. This means we listen, and provide our services in a way that works

for you.

Movement Disorders

Movement disorders are all different, our aims can include maintaining your movement, reducing falls, choosing the right assistive technology, and improving the way your muscles work. 


Stroke is a lifechanging event and it can have a variety of impacts. Our therapy centers around you and your goals. We look at what activities you would like to improve, or return to doing, and help break the journey into achievable steps.

Acquired Brain Injury 

Acquired Brain Injury (also known as Traumatic Brain Injury) can often happen to people who are young, fit and active. After this abrupt change in life-course, it is important to have experienced therapists to assist with setting ambitious goals to capitalise on your potential.   

Other services

Andrew is also an experienced musculoskeletal therapist. He uses his hands on skills to ensure comprehensive assessment and holistic treatment of all muscle and joint issues. 

Our Fees

Penguin Allied Health charges $190 per hour. 

This rate is consistent across our services and is based within National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) pricing structure. 

Examples for Penguin Physiotherapy include:

- 30 minute musculoskeletal assessment and recommendations $95

- 1 hour complex condition assessment and recommendations $190

- NDIS assessment for plan and self manage participants structured to meet your needs, within your budget. 

The NDIS Price Catalogue and Price Guides are available on the NDIS website see here

Understanding the price guide (for participants) see here

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Funding Sources

National Disability Insurance Scheme

We are not yet a registered provider for the NDIS, we specialise in support of self managed and plan managed participants.

Privately funded therapy

If you want to receive mobile physiotherapy services but you aren't NDIS registered, please get in touch to discuss therapy options. 


Clinic days for Penguin Allied Health are flexible and structured around family life.

Penguin Physiotherapy Practice Days:

  • Wednesdays

  • Thursdays 

  • Fridays